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Have you always wanted a Rural Cabin or House in a beautiful setting? Let me help you fulfill your dreams for an affordable price!  Detroit Lake offers year round recreation in the heart of the Cascade Mountains
 Custom Cabin Specials at Detroit Lake Oregon.
  • Own your own cabin and land at beautiful Detroit Lake in Detroit, Oregon
  • Featuring a custom cabin on your choice of several unique and beautiful .25 - 1 acre rural lots
  • Prices starting at only $145,000. (cabin, lot and all project costs)

  • In the Heart of the Cascades, walk to Detroit Lake for swimming, boating, fishing, and other water sports. Near the N. Santiam and Breitenbush Rivers, Breitenbush Hotsprings, Mt Jefferson, Three Sisters, Opal Creek Wilderness, Hoodoo Skibowl, Snowmobile and Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, Biking, Exploring and much more.

  • Detroit, Oregon offers year-round recreational opportunities & access with small town services and charm.

  • My Custom Cabin designs range from 600 to 1500 square feet w/ many optional add-on features for you to choose from.

  • Prices Range from $145,000-$252,000 (see financial breakdown and price per sq ft below)

  • Various building and financial options available to make your project affordable.

  • Green/Eco-Building Options - I am experienced in green building, using natural sustainable products, allergy free products, energy efficient building techniques and alternative energy off the grid living

  • You can also help me design and build your own custom cabin. Please contact me for details.

  • I also offer Consulting Services for the "Do-It-Yourself" Independent Homebuilder - let me help you with your project in Detroit or in any area of Oregon.

  • Questions? Please email or call me for more information on this great project!

  • Read more information below for details then please contact me with your questions. Free consultations and tours of Detroit.

 More Information
 Sample Cabin Pictures & Designs

Here are some pictures of rural cabins & small cabins that we can build. See a design you like? Let me know. We can design and build it for you.

 Financial Info, Cost and Size

Here are some financial breakdowns to give you an idea as to general costs for my custom cabins in Detroit, Oregon. These are estimates based on average building and lot costs. They are fairly accurate, but each project is unique. Please see my notes below for more info.

My prices for cabins start at $135,000 and go to about $252,000. My average price per square foot for building is $115. Add the cost of the lot and development costs. What do you get with that? Here is a sample breakdown of all estimated costs -

Cabin Size Examples-  (sizes vary and can be customized)
a. 600 sq ft = 20' x 30' or 20' x 20' with 200 sq ft loft 
b.1000 sq ft = 24' x 32' with 232 sq ft loft or 24 x 24 with 424 sq ft 2nd floor/loft
c.1500 sq ft = 32' x 36' with 400 sq ft 2nd floor/loft

1. Cost of House
a) 600 sq ft home x $115 sq ft = $69,000 (cost of house only)  
b) 1000 sq ft home x $115 sq ft = $115,000

2. Add Cost of Lot - Lots in Detroit range from around $30,000-$90,000 with most in the 50-60K range.

3. Add Development (Septic, Driveway, Water, City Fees, Engineering, Permits and Initial Costs) - $25,000-$40,000

Example 1 - 600 sq ft home - $69K house + 50K lot + 26K development = $145,000
Example 2 - 800 sq ft home - $92K + 50K lot + 26K development = $168,000
Example 3 - 1000 sq ft home - $115K house + 50K lot + 30 K development = $195,000
Example 4 - 1500 sq ft home - $172K house + 50K lot + 30 K development = $252,000

Each Project is unique and has varied costs depending upon what needs to be done on the lot itself. You need to first have an idea of the size of cabin you want, then the specific lot. Septic systems and development costs vary for each situation. I can give you an accurate cost when more specific choices are made, but these estimates are fairly accurate to give you an initial idea as to what a cabin and lot would cost.

Other Important Notes -

Owner Sweat Equity - Want to do some of the work yourself? I am open to working with you and reducing the construction costs.

Detroit System Development Fees - The city charges approximately $11,000 for a system fee. This can be paid up front during construction or in monthly installments of $283 for 5 years. Payments begin when permits are issued.

Lot Contracts - I am able to get you some short term owner carry contracts if you want to pay for the land that way. Some lot owners are open to 3-5 year contracts with 10-20% down

Lot Discounts - As a builder and resident of Detroit I am also able to negotiate reduced lot costs in most situations. Cash of course helps with discounts. Please work with me on this for the best deal.

Other Financial & Ownership Options - There are many creative ways to own a cabin. Fractional/Joint ownership is one way in which you can have use of a cabin several months out of the year and share the expense of building and maintenance. The rental market is also very active in Detroit. Consider renting your cabin on a part-time basis to help with the expense. Talk to me about various options. I am open to working with you and your budget.
 Sample Plans & Design Info

Each cabin is unique that I build. Here are a few sample plans from the CAD NW website to give you an idea of what we can design and build. We work with CAD NW, who provide affordable draft services to customize and create your special cabin design. I almost always add extra windows on my custom cabins and extra deck space so you can enjoy nature at its best -  both inside and out. Most of my designs also include an open expansive living room with a vaulted ceiling, a sleeping loft, and at least one private bedroom.

All designs can be modified, customized, and redesigned to fit your needs and styles. Want to add more windows and a larger deck? We can most certainly do so. Want to add another bathroom or fireplace? We can modify and customize any plan or create a new one for you. 

Have an idea or vision? Let me know and we can design and build it. From 600 sq ft to 1,500 sq ft - smaller or larger, we can create what you want. Take a look and get some ideas for your unique design. (click on picture for larger view) 

Feel free to also send me a sketch or picture of your ideal cabin. Please contact me with your questions and ideas.





Cabins, Small Houses & Cottages are my specialty. BHS Contracting can be there with you, as partners, every step of the way. 


Experience - I have been in the building & design business for over 25 years. I am here to help you...from Start to Finish.  I can make your ideas and visions come to life!

I will always work with your budget! My Cabins & Small Houses are both affordable and high quality. Let me know what you specifically need and I can give you an accurate and affordable cost estimate. I am here to consult and guide you as a builder and as a partner in your project.

I will consider cabin projects at any location in Oregon. If you have another special area please let me know.

I also offer Consulting Services for people who need help planning, building or designing their house and property. Please go to my webpage for more info.

Let me help you with this process. Free consultations and tours of Detroit. I would love to help you make your dreams come true.


BHS Contracting - Brian M Heater

Licensed Oregon Contractor - CCB#159404


(503) 559-2322




BHS Contracting - Brian Heater

Licensed Oregon Contractor - CCB#159404


(503) 559-2322




About BHS Contracting

 Contact Us Houses, Cabins & Cottages Consulting Services Detroit Lake  Cabins Repair & Remodel Decks Doors & Windows Picture Archive